All stable versions of Watson are available via pip and can be installed using the following command pip install watson-framework via your CLI of choice.

Watson is maintained at Github, and can be used to get the latest development version of the code if required.

Setting up a virtualenv

We recommend creating a standalone environment for each new project you work on to isolate any dependencies that it may need. To do so enter the following commands in your terminal:

>>> pyvenv /where_you_want_to_store_venv
>>> source /where_you_want_to_store_venv/bin/activate

Verifying the installation

To ensure that Watson has been installed correctly, launch python from your CLI and then enter the following:

>>> import watson.framework
>>> print(watson.framework.__version__)
>>> # latest watson version will be printed here

Once you’ve got Watson installed, head on over to the Your First Application area to learn how to create your first web application.